FIND KITTENS? They might not be orphaned.  Mom could just be hunting for food.  But if you are certain they are orphaned, take them to a vet right away or someone who knows how to care for baby kittens -- they need special care.  DO NOT TAKE TO THE HUMANE SOCIETY, COUNTY SHELTER OR HALO - they will be killed!!  Please contact a no-kill rescue group for help placing them.  Please read our Feral Cat Page.

IT'S HOT - DO NOT LEAVE YOUR PET IN YOUR CAR FOR ANY LENGTH OF TIME - even with the windows open.  It is against the law in Arizona and if you see a pet in distress in a car, call police or the Sheriff's hotline immediately.  They may break open the vehicle to save the animal.
IF YOU CAN'T KEEP YOUR PET WITH YOU wherever you go, please just leave them at home where they are safe and comfortable.

IF IT'S HOT FOR YOU -- IT'S HOT FOR THEM!  If you can't walk barefoot on the hot sidewalk, don't make your dog do it either!

Hiking?  If you and your pet are not experienced and do not have plenty of water, don't do it.  If you want to jeopardize your safety, that's one thing, but don't jeopardize your pet's -- they have nothing to say about it and trust you to make the right decision for them.