If you come upon a litter of recently born kittens in your yard or neighborhood, unless absolutely necessary, DO NOT MOVE THEM.  This time of year, every rescuer and shelter is going to be full because of all the kittens being born all over the Valley, abandoned pets, etc. Whatever you do, do not take them to (or call) the county pounds or Humane Society. If they are feral, they will be euthanized—cute kittens or not! Please read the information on our Feral Cat page and call one of the feral/street cat help organizations listed on the Resource page for more assistance.

BABY BIRDS – Parents Swooping across streets
1. Please be on the lookout for baby birds over the next few months. Please read our information on baby birds if you come across one.
2. Please be extra careful while driving this time of year as bird parents of all kinds are constantly building nests searching for food, obtaining food, and feeding their young. This often involves swooping low across streets from one source to another. And if you live in an area with stray chickens, for some reason, chickens really do have to cross the road and this time of year will have their flock of chicks behind them.

BEWARE of organizations advertising that they will "humanely" remove unwanted feral cats (or other animals) from your property for a fee. THIS IS A SCAM and the cats will not be disposed of humanely.  Drowned, poisoned, clubbed to death, thrown out in the desert -- best case scenario is that they get turned into the county to be euthanized. If you or anyone is having issues with feral cats, please contact ADLA at 602-265-7729 or email at feralcats@adlaz.org .

PLEASE SPAY AND NEUTER ANY OUTSIDE/FERAL CATS YOU MIGHT BE FEEDING and help reduce pet overpopulation! Call the Spay/Neuter Hotline (602-265-7729) for the nearest low cost clinic. Also check with the County and Humane Society for specials on spaying and neutering pets. Check our Resource Page under low cost spay/neuter/vet services for additional sources of help in this regard.
If you need help trapping or catching feral cats and spay/neuter assistance, please see our Resource Page for Stray/Feral Cat Help for different organizations that might be able to help. These organizations often request a minimal donation per cat to provide their invaluable services to the community. For more information on feral cats please see our page on Feral Cats.
 Please help our local shelters and rescue organizations find homes for the many, many animals, especially cats and kittens they all have an overabundance of and reduce the unnecessary euthanization of adorable, adoptable animals by adopting from anyone of them this month and all summer long.

If you cannot adopt at this time, please consider being a foster home for any of the shelters or organizations and HELP SAVE ANIMALS LIVES! Foster homes are especially needed for the youngest, the sick and others who need a little extra TLC.