2 sweet and handsome bonded brothers.  1-1/2 years old, neutered, healthy, recently vaccinated (including rabies) and tested. 

This is Chewey -- he's a bit shy at first but warms up nicely given a little time.  Well-behaved.  Foster thinks they would do better in a quieter home (i.e., no kids, maybe mellow dogs and cats).   
TEALC - large sweet boy. 
These boys are loving and playful.
We want to keep them together.

CLEOPATRA - FOUND A HOME!  10 years old, sweet, pretty and mellow kitty.  She is diabetic and needs insulin shots 2x/day plus extra nutrition during the day to keep her healthy.  She is spayed, vaccinated and tested negative for FIV/Felv November 30.  Her owner died suddenly and her 2 doggie companions found new homes. 

BENTLEY & BELLA - WENT TO A COLORADO RESCUE.  two adorable Lynx point mix kittens about 8 weeks old. They have had a rough start but are now healthy and ready for their forever home. Bentley is a little boy about 2 1/2 pounds and full of energy! He loves to play with you and his sister Bella. Bentley will come running when you call his name and is happy to pretend you are his own private jungle gym! He loves to be with you but happy to head off and play with his sister. Bella is a little girl about 2 pounds now. She is the sweetest little girl and loves to snuggle but also full of energy and enjoys attacking her brother. Bella had an eye infection that was not treated properly when she was younger and she now has only partial eyesight. You would never know when watching her as she runs and plays like any other 8 week old kitten. She does like to follow Bentley, he seems to help her navigate life. She will listen very intently when you talk to her. When Bella and Bentley are together they are happy to play and entertain each other but when spending time with them one on one they love to be cuddled and close to you. Bella will also come running to you when you call her name! These are two beautiful little kittens that had a very rough start in life and deserve to have their own loving and forever home. You will fall in love when you meet them :)
They are now with a Colorado rescue but still looking for a home - together if possible.