SIMON & GARFUNKEL - 2 sweet and handsome bonded brothers.  About 2 years old, neutered, healthy, vaccinated (including rabies) and tested negative for FIV/Felv July 2016. 
We think they would do better in a quieter home, ideally no other pets, but could be okay with other cats if calm.  Same with a dog.


This is Garfunkel -- he's a bit shy at first but warms up nicely given a little time.  Well-behaved.  
SIMON - large sweet boy. 
These boys are loving and playful.
We want to keep them together.


BEAUTIFUL ELSA. Elsa was an outside stray who is being transitioned to learning to be inside cat. Angela wants to find that special someone that who will continue to teach her and give her praise and affection and believes Elsa will make the right person a wonderful pet. She is sweet, pretty and playful -- will you give her a good home? She seems fine with the family dog and people inside the home. They would keep her if it was not for the allergies in the family causing some problems Estimate her to be between 1 and 2 years old. She got shots and spayed Jan. 2017 and tested for FIV and Feline Leukemia (Negative). Please contact Angela P  ( if interested in adopting Elsa.

CORNELIUS - rescued feral kitten, socialized and very friendly, was on his way to a rescue for adoption but sadly tested positive for FIV.  He still has to be neutered as well.  FIV kitties can live and interact normally with other kitties as long as there is no biting. Or he can be an only kitty or in a household with another FIV positive cat.  They do have weaker immune systems so need extra care to protect them from viruses, etc.  We recommend vitamin C and other supplements in their food to help keep them strong and healthy.  We can give you good tips on doing so.  Give this cute boy a try.