About “Kind to Nature

            Kind to Nature (KTN) is an Arizona non-profit corporation formed in 1998, dedicated to helping, protecting and improving the quality of life of all animals in our urban neighborhoods, be they pets, strays, birds or other wildlife, with special emphasis on increasing awareness and compassion for feral cats.  We also try to promote living in harmony with and preserving our natural environment, and encourage preventative and natural health care for animals.

Board of Directors:    Barbara Morris
                                    Mercedes de Oro
                                    Mary Milliman
                                    Jeannie Bremerkamp

Staff:  Barbara Morris - Executive Director, Shelter/Sanctuary Manager
          Mercedes de Oro - Community Outreach Director
          Jeannie Bremerkamp - Volunteer Services Coordinator
          Debra Dillond - Assistant Sanctuary Manager

Volunteers desperately needed to foster semi-feral kitties and learn to domesticate them so they may become adoptable pets; also need volunteers to help transport animals, fundraising events, etc.


·        Founder Barbara Morris started rescuing baby and injured birds living in the many trees on her own and neighbors’ properties, and received basic training from various bird rehabilitators in the community she consulted for help. In 1996, she began rescuing, spaying, neutering, sheltering and domesticating feral cats, and did volunteer work for other rescue organizations in the Valley assisting with adoptions, feeding and trapping feral cats, among other things.  As a result of this experience and training, combined with her many years of being a pet owner, assisting with her former husband’s dog training business, and avid reading and studying, she acquired considerable knowledge and resources pertaining to wild birds, feral cats, strays, lost and found, and pet care in general that she wanted to share with the general public.  She began a pet lost and found hotline for her neighborhood in east Phoenix and soon became its official “animal consultant.”  Word got around about her services and knowledge prompting her to publish and distribute a newsletter containing a variety of helpful articles, news and events.  Before long, the newsletter was going all over the Valley and she began getting calls from everywhere.  It was then she decided to formalize the organization and operations by incorporating and beginning a membership campaign.  Barbara continues to read and gather information from many reliable sources, staying abreast of goings on in the animal world locally and nationally to keep her readers informed of issues concerning animal welfare and the environment. 

 Mercedes De Oro - to come

What We Do:

*    Educate and provide information, instruction and direct assistance to pet owners, animal rescuers, feral cat caretakers, people who find lost pets, rescue strays, injured/orphaned animals and birds.
Provide phone counseling and referral services to direct people to the right places; and

*    Maintain a comprehensive library of helpful handouts for distribution covering many subjects from baby birds to domesticating feral cats, that we have written or obtained/edited from other knowledgeable and reputable sources.

·         Maintain an indoor permanent sanctuary for rescued feral cats and occasionally rescue or directly or foster animals, but we generally do not do adoptions and space is limited, so it is our goal to assist people who have rescued animals with finding homes and/or alternative options.

1.  Increase awareness and compassion for feral cats and help reduce the  
         feral  cat overpopulation in the Valley.

2.  Make our urban residential streets and neighborhoods

      safer for children, pets,  birds and other wildlife.
3.  Help reduce the pet overpopulation and

      the amount of animals euthanized in our county and state.