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KIND TO NATURE has been saving lives and helping the birds and animals in our urban neighborhoods for over 20 years!

With a focus on feral and unsocialized cats, we assist people in the community, work with other rescues and shelters, and utilize fosters to save at-risk and hard-to-adopt cats and kittens, and maintain the KIND TO NATURE CAT SANCTUARY® providing lifetime care for those cats that are unadoptable or can't be placed for other reasons. Please see our About KTN page for more about what we do and how you can help.

Check out our Resources Page for a list of many helpful numbers and websites you can use!

Please visit our Cats for Adoption page for photos and information on some special kitties needing homes.

DONATIONS ARE ALWAYS NEEDED for medical expenses, food and supplies for the kitties who are permanent residents in our Sanctuary. Please consider making a recurring monthly donation for their care by clicking on the Donate button above. See also our Donations page for other easy ways you can support our cause and our Wish list.

TNR Program HELP SUPPORT OUR NEIGHBORHOOD TNR PROGRAM benefitting east/central Phoenix neighborhoods and volunteers by donating (using the button above and designate for TNR), participate in our Tru-Catch Trap donation program, or volunteer to learn how to do TNR in your neighborhood or others. The need for cash, equipment and manpower is great in our area. Make a difference! See more about the program on our "About Kind to Nature" page.

Pet Safety Chart SUMMER IS HERE. So it's important to keep our pets safe during hot months. Please keep pets at home and avoid putting them in vehicles and walking dogs on hot pavement. See our Seasonal Reminders page for more important and helpful information and tips for keeping pets healthy and safe, over hot summer months and through 4th of July holiday, and tips for caring for community cats in the summer.

It's still KITTEN season!! Please be aware of what to do or what not to do if you come across kittens.

DO YOU KNOW WHAT TO DO IF YOU FIND KITTENS? Please resist the temptation to "rescue" what appear to be orphan kittens. Just because you see them alone, does not mean they need rescuing (unless they are in obvious imminent danger!). Please see our Feral Cat page for more information and instructions on what to do if you find kittens.

DO YOU KNOW WHAT TO DO IF YOU FIND A BABY BIRD? Proceed with caution. What you think might be helping could be all wrong and could harm the bird. See our Wild Birds page for more information and Resource Page for finding qualified help.


FOSTERS NEEDED! Fostering saves lives. All animal shelters, especially no-kill rescues need fosters to save lives of the many animals needing rescue and being surrendered. Kind to Nature is occasionally in need of individuals to foster cats requiring special care and/or handling (i.e., feral kittens and "skittish" adult rescues). If you can help, please send an email to

PLEASE SPAY AND NEUTER all ferals/strays you are feeding and help neighbors if they need it. Please see our Feral Cat page and the Resource page for more resources and information.

DO NOT TURN IN PETS (yours or found), STRAY OR FERAL CATS OR KITTENS TO A COUNTY SELTER OR THE ARIZONA HUMANE SOCIETY (the AHS is not a no-kill shelter). Feral cats and kittens will likely be euthanized. Please see our Feral Cat page on what to do if you find kittens (or pregnant feral cat). Please contact us or a no-kill rescue group (see Resource Page) for help. See Special Alerts page for more info.

NEVER OFFER A PET OR FOUND ANIMAL FOR FREE to anyone you don't know. Bad people with bad intentions can be very deceiving to someone not skilled in screening. Always do a home check.

ANIMAL CRUELTY IS A CRIME in Arizona and punishable by jail time! A.R.S. 13-2910. That includes people who do not provide proper care for their pets and homeowners and landlords threatening to harm feral cats, harming community cats or tampering with food provided to a feral colony. If you have a tenant who is taking care of neutered feral cats, they are doing the right thing, the humane thing, and the practice recognized and encouraged by state, local and national authorities, agencies and humane societies everywhere. When we get reports of neighbors and landlords threatening to kill or remove such cats, we will advise people to notify the authorities immediately. We have flyers, posters and handouts available to feral feeders.

PLEASE KEEP PETS INSIDE AND PROTECT FERALS/STRAYS YOUR ARE FEEDING!! Coyotes are becoming more prevalent and a constant danger to small animals. Owls are also dangerous predators of cats -- they hunt in the evening and early morning. Pet & Feral Cat Poisonings are being reported in our area the last several months. Your pet or feral could be a victim of paid or indiscriminate trapping. Beware of "pest control" companies and the like claiming they will trap and humanely re-locate ferals - NOT!

See Special Alerts page for more information.

IN LOVING MEMORY of all the special kitties that have graced our sanctuary and sadly gone, none of whom would have had love, comfort and shelter if not for us, no matter how long they were with us. You will never be forgotten.

Need help coping with the loss of a pet?
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