IT'S STILL HOT HERE IN PHOENIX!  Please leave pets home if you can't keep them with you during the warm months.  Remember, even with windows cracked, a car's temperature is twice what it is outside and a pet will die in a short time if left in a car.  In Arizona, police may break into a vehicle to release a pet, so if you see one, call the Sheriff or police immediately to save the animal's life!

       WE HAVE RESCUED ANIMALS LOOKING FOR NEW HOMES!  Please visit our Animals for Adoption Page Now and help us save lives. 

KITTEN SEASON - What to do if you find kittens?  First, do not assume they are orphanedjust because you do not see a mother -- she could just be hunting for food.  Always best to stay with mom and if they are orphaned, they need special care so immediately take to a vet or someone who knows what to do. See our Feral Cat Page for more instructions. 

FEEDING FERALS?  Please catch and spay all unspayed females NOW. 
Assistance is available.  Please see our Resource Page .

OR THE ARIZONA HUMANE SOCIETY (not a no-kill shelter).  
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Kind to Nature (KTN) is a non-profit organization dedicated to helping and improving the quality of life of the birds and animals that share our urban neighborhoods, be they pets, strays, wild and/or injured birds or other wildlife, with special emphasis on increasing awareness and compassion for feral cats and reducing the pet overpopulation crisis in the Valley.

Our primary function is to assist the community with all types of pet/animal issues by providing information, instruction, consulting and referrals to people needing such assistance and specifically identify and assist with feral/street cat issues in our neighborhood. We play an active role in working with the general public and the rescue community in placing animals, facilitating lost and found efforts, saving animals from euthanasia and related matters.

KTN maintains an indoor sanctuary providing a permanent home for rescued feral cats taken in on a special case basis. These cats are generally not "adoptable pet quality," so stay with us their entire lives, which means we have to continue to care for them as they age and develop age-related health problems requiring more medical treatment and special food/handling, etc. PLEASE HELP US MEET THOSE NEEDS. DONATIONS ARE MUCH NEEDED AT THIS TIME --please see our Donations page on how the products we use and how to make a donation.

We do not take in animals for adoption, although occasionally we do have to find homes for rescued animals or kittens born from rescued strays/feral cats and or by assisting others in the community in placing adoptable animals. PLEASE SEE OUR ADOPTION PAGE FOR ANIMALS needing homes.

Please refer to the Resource Page for a listing of no-kill rescue organizations for help placing an animal and the Feral Cat page for more info on what to do if you find kittens, a stray cat or know of a feral cat situation and need help with TNR! PLEASE DO NOT TURN AN ANIMAL IN TO THE HUMANE SOCIETY OR THE COUNTY SHELTERS - at this time, less than 50% ever get out alive and most pet surrenders are euthanized immediately!!!


a beautiful and extraordinary cat.
see Kind to Nature's Facebook page for a tribute to
this special kitty and her beautiful photo. She is also
the signature photo on our "About KTN" page.
She left us too young and is sorely missed in the sanctuary.