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Kind to Nature normally does not take in animals for adoption, but occasionally we do have a rescued cat or kittens at the sanctuary or with a foster that turn out to be adoptable, or trying to help someone in the community place a pet or stray animal, found kittens, etc. though often hard to place for behavior or other reasons. Please consider adopting a cat who is shy or old or sassy.

If you are interested in adopting any of these special fur babies, please email Barb at or complete an adoption application.

Looking for Homes!

Alice ADOPT APRIL! Do you have a soft spot for special needs cats? APRIL is what we call a "semi special needs" kitty who desperately needs her own home. Although she is otherwise healthy, has a good appetite (albeit picky and sensitive), and acts normally, she struggles with nasal congestion to varying degrees, occasional light nasal discharge and periodic sneezing. April has been diagnosed with feline herpes and will require continued and/or occasional meds, and benefit from regular vitamins and supplements to support her immune system.

Despite this diagnosis, there is no reason April cannot be adopted by someone who understands this condition and is willing to manage her needs as indicated. She is such a good girl - putting up with being confined 90% of the time she’s spent here to minimize exposure to the other Sanctuary cats, and a very sweet, very pretty, calm, well behaved young cat. She is estimated to be a little under 3 years old, is spayed, tested for FIV/Felv, and is now getting her vaccinations. April likes human companionship, especially when she eats, likes pets and chin scratches and would likely enjoy some playtime, but also nicely naps most of the time. She does not seem fond of other cats that get too close to her, so could be an only cat or might do well in a household with 1-2 other calm (and healthy) cats that give her space. April deserves a good home where she can be free, comfortable and be loved the rest of her life. Won't you consider her as a new companion?

Alice Sebastian ALICE(left) & SEBASTIAN(right) Pretty bonded brother and sister, rescued off the streets, fixed, vaccinated and tested June 2022. Their finder/rescuer has been keeping them in a separate room in her home since then, safe from her 2 dogs. She loves them, but one of the dogs doesn't (barking and other stressful behavior), so she wants to find a good home for them where they can stay together. They are sweet, happy, healthy, playful little kitties, about 1-1/2 years old, but they need a quiet, calm home and time to settle in. Sebastian is very friendly and loving once he gets to know you, but Alice is very shy/timid and will require patience and coaxing by someone who understands behavior of under-socialized cats (as a result of being born and temporary living with ferals). We think they'll provide years of enjoyment with the right person.

Bruce BRUCE Would you love a big handsome character in your life? Then "Brucie" is your guy! BRUCE was transferred to us from another rescue because he was not doing well in their shelter-like facility. Since being here at the Sanctuary, he has become comfortable here, revealing more of his personality. Bruce, though calm and well-behaved, has a cute personality, he’s smart, talkative at times, and likes to play with his toys. He would be great as an only cat, but should also be fine with other cats that mind their own business. We initially set him up in a little playpen to acclimate, but he still likes to sleep and get his food on his perch. He lets you know when he wants to be fed and if one of the other cats gets in his way with a loud meow, but that is all. Not crazy about being handled or picked up, but loves pets, head and butt scratches and will sometimes roll over for belly rubs. He would make the right someone a wonderful cat companion.

Bruce is 8 years old, weighs a little over 13 lbs., is fully vaccinated, neutered, healthy, and recently tested negative for FIV/Felv. Adoption Application required for any interested adopters.

Happy Updates -- ADOPTED!

It's always heartwarming when a homeless animal is adopted, but we think our adoptions are extra special because we mostly rescue cats and kittens with behavior issues, sometimes at risk of being euthanized at a public shelter, unwanted after owners/caretakers pass away, or just hard to place by rescue standards.

Nico Nico (fka Nicodemus) ADOPTED April 19,2022 Nico was rescued from the county shelter April 8, where he was on the E-list due to unmanageable behavior there. However, once he got out of the shelter environment and around gentle people, he immediately allowed pets and since being in his foster home has become very affectionate and well behaved - a total lovebug, purring up a storm!

Mitzi Mitzi ADOPTED January 23, 2022 Mitzi was adopted by a very nice retired couple who promise to spoil and love her. After contending with the other sanctuary cats the last few months, she will once again be an only cat, spoiled and get lots of attention. It took her a little time to adjust (after so many changes in a year's time through no fault of her own) but she is now completely accepting of her new home and pet parents.

Charlotte CHARLOTTE - ADOPTED 12/29/21 thanks to our friends at Foothills Animal Rescue! She is a sweet and very pretty kitty, estimated to be 1-3 years old. She was taken in by a kind lady as a stray a little over a year ago, but recently found herself in a sad situation where she had to move and could not take all the cats she rescued with her. We wish Charlotte a long and happy life!

Gizmo GIZMO - ADOPTED 12/21/21! This sweet handsome orange tabby boy was adopted by his foster mom, who loves him a great deal. So happy for him!!

Midnight MIDNIGHT ADOPTED 3/21/21!! and doing great - she acclimated immediately to her new home as the only cat and the whole family loves her!!! She is a sweet, very pretty long hair girl, with a little bit of sass, which is what attracted them to her. Have a happy life Midnight!

Poppy"POPPY was adopted in November 2019 by her foster family after living with them since February when KTN rescued her from the Maricopa County Animal Shelter e-list due to unpredictable behavior and an eye condition. Her eye is being monitored by a vet and treated as needed and her foster family learned to love Poppy and understand her idiosyncrasies, while Poppy learned to love them and integrate with the rest of the families' pets. We couldn't have picked a better happy ending for this special kitty."

SunnySUNNY - Our sweet handsome rescued stray boy has been adopted! January 2019

Starlight STARLIGHT (STAR) renamed BEN, was adopted and went to his new home December 19, 2018! He was just 8 months old, a shy kitty, who wound up at the Arizona Humane Society in October 2018, and had his poor leg amputated. Deemed unadoptable and at risk of being e-listed, we found a great foster for him to bring him out of his fear and shyness, which led to our being able to find a wonderful, patient, loving home for this boy shortly after, where he is cherished and thriving!

PrimrosePRIMROSE - ADOPTED January 7, 2018! PRIMROSE is an adorable kitten we rescued from Arizona Humane Society who deemed she was not adoptable because of her fearful behavior. Once in the hands of her foster that quickly changed who continues to give her lots of attention and space of her own when she wants it. She was a little shy initially, but is now much better and loves to snuggle and is very playful. Primrose was adopted by a wonderful family and we know she'll have a wonderful life with them!

Prim with her favorite toy in new home - February 2018!

Simon and Garfunkel SIMON & GARFUNKEL - ADOPTED SEPTEMBER 2017! These 2 shy boys have found their perfect forever home. It took a while but well worth the wait for all! These 2 brothers could not be more loved or spoiled by their pet parents who love them dearly and send us regular updates, photos and videos of their beloved boys.

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