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Never ever offer a pet or rescued/found animal for free to anyone you do not know well. You must have experience and good screening skills, do a home visit and ALWAYS CHARGE SOMETHING to discourage innocent animals from falling into the wrong hands (and often very convincing peple) for such horrible things as using dogs, puppies, cats and kittens as dog bait, selling animals to research labs, feeding small animals to snakes, cruel satanic rituals, and just plain sick people. Best to go through or ask the assistance of a no-kill rescue group if you have to re-home a pet, find kittens, dogs or cats.

WARNINGS for PHOENIX & surrounding areas: (2018) - KEEP PETS INSIDE & PROTECT FERALS/STRAYS PET & FERAL CAT POISONINGS recently reported in metro Phoenix - dogs and cats. Everything from anti-freeze poisoning of kittens to people throwing poisoned food into backyards where people keep their dogs. THIS IS A CRIME and any information should be reported to the police, the MASH Unit and the Arizona Humane Society who actively investigate and seek to prosecute perpetrators of such atrocities. Please keep pets inside, don't use a doggie door -- if your pets can go outside when you are not home (or awake) to watch them, bad things can happen. Poor little ferals - do your best to keep them in a safe area but it is not easy.

COYOTES LIVE EVERYWHERE FOLKS and becoming more abundant and a threat to small animals. (Just because you don't see them, doesn't mean they are not in your neighborhood -- they are!) Accept the fact and PLEASE PROTECT YOUR PETS! Just keep them all inside and don't leave dogs out in yard without supervision. Some areas even need to be cautious and alert when walking small dogs on leash! Carry something that will scare them off if approached. If you are feeding ferals, never leave food out all night. Give the cats time to eat (45 min to 1 hour) then pick everything up so as not to attract the coyotes. Leaving food out will just make them sitting ducks and easy pickins' for predators (owls too!). Try to feed in protected area, but still don't leave sitting out. Coyotes can climb walls and owls still a threat. For more info go to the AZ Game & Fish website and see their link - Living With Coyotes. NOTE: Small animals are also at risk from owls and hawks. Follow same precautions please. Owls usually hunt prey in early morning hours - so if you let small dogs outside then, stay close!!!

Keep Emergency Vet and Pet Poison Control Numbers Handy. Always keep the number and address of the nearest 24-hour veterinary clinic handy, along with the number to the ASPCA's Pet Poison Control Center (888-426-4435) - just in case. Visit the Pet Poisoning Resources Page for more information on what foods, plants and other items are toxic to dogs and cats.

BEWARE OF ORGANIZATIONS ADVERTISING THAT THEY WILL "HUMANELY" REMOVE UNWANTED FERAL CATS (or other animals) from your property for a fee. THIS IS A SCAM and the cats will not be disposed of humanely. Drowned, poisoned, clubbed to death, thrown out in the desert -- best case scenario is that they get turned into the county to be euthanized. If you or anyone is having issues with feral cats, please contact ADLA at 602-265-7729.

PLEASE DO NOT TURN PETS (YOURS OR FOUND ONES) IN TO THE COUNTY SHELTER, ARIZONA HUMANE SOCIETY OR HALO. These are NOT no-kill shelters. Please check our Resource Page for a listing of no-kill rescue groups and contact them right away. It takes time for volunteer/foster-based groups to find room for new animals, so please give them sufficient time to help you. We all network together to try to find someone who can take in a cat or dog. NEVER EVER take feral cats or kittens to any of these organizations either.

MARICOPA COUNTY SHELTERS AND RESCUE ORGANIZATIONS ARE IN A CRISIS STAGE. Please help our local shelters and rescue organizations find homes for the many, many animals, especially cats and kittens they all have an overabundance of and reduce the unnecessary euthanization of adorable, adoptable animals by adopting from anyone of them this month and all summer long. If you cannot adopt at this time, please consider being a foster home for any of the shelters or organizations and HELP SAVE ANIMALS LIVES! Foster homes are especially needed for the youngest, the sick and others who need a little extra TLC.

FIND KITTENS? Please don't assume they are orphaned and remove them. Mom could just be hunting for food. But if you are certain they are orphaned, take them to a vet right away or someone who knows how to care for baby kittens -- they need special care. DO NOT TAKE TO THE HUMANE SOCIETY, COUNTY SHELTER OR HALO - they will be killed!! Please contact a no-kill rescue group for help placing them. For more information, please read our Feral Cat Page and Feral Help listings on Resource Page.


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